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Supama Forex Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 1996, to conduct money changing business. The company started its business in 1998. Since then company has been carrying on foreign exchange business and has been successfully able to cater to wholesale, retail, travel and commercial foreign exchange requirements of corporate bodies, travel agents and individual private clients. The company also deals in Imports and Exports of all the major currencies with all influential major players and banks in the international market.Our considerable size, together with our meticulous track-record on compliance, has resulted in Supama Forex Pvt. Ltd being upgraded by the Reserve Bank of India from Full Fledged Money Changer to the status of Authorized Dealer – Category II; a certification that permits us to undertake dealings in foreign exchange for a greater number of non-trade current account transactions. All this to the ultimate benefit of our customers. The Registered office of the company is based at Grant Road, Mumbai with branches spread all over India. The company ventured into the money transfer business and entered into an agreement as a sub Agent of Western Union Financial Services to provide service with regard to money transfer from overseas countries to India.

Vision and Mission not only define how we do the business now, but also highlight the key focus areas that will help us maintain the best service provider position for decades to come.

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Our Vision

We at Supama Forex Pvt. Ltd visualize to be a globally respected business unit that provides best in class Forex solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by customer friendly professionals. We envisage Supama Forex Pvt. Ltd. to be synonymous with foreign exchange and financial services all over the world.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the leading service provider for Forex, Remittances, and Travel to global customers. We strive to blend technology with financial services making a commitment to surpass our customer’s expectations. We vow to comply with regulations, to make financial transactions simpler than the simplest.

Historical Achievement

This is why we are so awesome

For over 19 years, Supama Forex Pvt Ltd has been providing a wide range of foreign exchange, money transfer, and related services in the region. Our continued growth has allowed us to set up a nationwide network that includes offices in Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Surat, Indore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Goa, Bangalore, and Mangalore. Today, our branch network spreads across these regions while we continue to grow our presence through our branches. And so, with our reach, our local expertise, and our dedicated services to customers, Supama Forex Pvt Ltd is the preferred choice for Currency Exchange & Remittances.



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1998-1999 38 Crore′s
2000-2001 62 Crore′s
2002-2003 100
2004-2005 120 Crore′s
2006-2007 150 Crore′s
2008-2009 180 Crore′s
2010-2011 180 Crore′s
2012-2013 200 Crore′s
2014-2015 220 Crore′s
2016-2017 280 Crore′s