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Remittance Services

Allowed Remittance

Allowed Purposes for ADIIs:

• Overseas Education.
• Remittance to Travel Agents to Overseas Agents.
• Fees for participation for Global Conferences.
• Remittance for participation in Global Events/Competitions.
• Film Shooting.
• Medical Treatment in Aboard.
• Disbursement of Crew Wages.
• Assessment fees for overseas job.
• Emigration Consultancy Fees.
• Visa Fees.
• Subscription and Membership fees for International Organization.
• Remittance towards fees for examinations held in India and abroad and additional score sheets for GRE, TOEFL etc.
• Skills/Credential assessment fees for intending migrants.
• Registration/Subscription/Membership fees to International Organizations.
• Processing fees for registration of documents as required by the Governments.